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The differential pressure sensor is used to measure the pressure Air/water/oil differential pressure sensor output 4-20mA HARTdifference between different parts of the same equipment or different medium, especially for air/water/oil differential pressure measurement. Accuracy up to 0.075% FS, measuring range 0~3MPa / 0~30bar / 0~435psi. The differential pressure sensor output signal has the current (4-20mA / 0-20mA), voltage (0-5V / 1-5V) or 4-20mA HART.
The three valves manifold is usually used with the differential pressure sensor, which is a tool that is required to install and remove the differential pressure sensor. The three valves manifold consists of a valve body, a balancing valve and two shut-off valves. In the three valves manifold, the middle is the balancing valve, the right side is the low pressure valve, and the left side is the high pressure valve. The function of the three valves manifold is to connect or disconnect the connection between the positive/negative pressure measuring chambers and the pressure point of the differential pressure sensor, or directly disconnect or conduct the positive and negative pressure measuring chambers.