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The digital air/oil/water/hydraulic pressure gauge has a high-definition 4-digit Digital hydraulic/air/oil pressure gaugeLCD screen with backlight, which can display measured pressure value in real time. Measuring range -100KPa~60MPa / -1~600bar / -14~8702psi are optional, accuracy 0.4%FS. The functions of the digital pressure gauge are as follows.
  1. One-touch clear operation, calibration and zero setting at any time.
  2. Use the panel buttons to switch directly between five international standard units (KPa, PSI, kgf / cm2, Bar, MPa).
  3. The peak value of the measured pressure value can be automatically recorded and the historical peak data can be traced back.
  • Digital pressure gauge setting
There are four buttons on the digital pressure gauge, which are POWER button, UNIT button, ZERO button and LIGHT button. The specific operation and calibration settings are as follows.
  1. POWER button: long press the POWER button for 5s to turn the power on/off.
  2. UNIT button: Short press the UNIT button to switch units in the order of KPa, PSI, kgf / cm2, Bar, MPa. Long press the UNIT button for 5s to check the peak value (MAX). Short press the UNIT button to check the valley value (MIN).
  3. ZERO button: Long press the ZERO button for 5s to complete the zero calibration.
  4. LIGHT button: Short press LIGHT button to turn on/off the light. The time to illuminate is approximately 70s.