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What is a Digital Pressure Sensor

The digital pressure sensor is one kind of the pressure sensor, which has a wide range of applications in industrial, civil, military and other industries. The reason why digital pressure sensors have important applications is mainly that it can directly display the values we need for easy observation and recording. Moreover, the digital pressure sensor can also simulate the output, which greatly meets the needs of customers. However, like any other product, the digital pressure sensor has the following disadvantages in addition to its advantages. 1. Digital pressure sensors are generally a little more expensive than sensors with normal analog outputs. 2. Digital pressure sensors are more susceptible to damage than ordinary sensors because digital sensors are output with a liquid crystal display, which is relatively easy to break. Therefore, when we use digital pressure sensors, we need to be very careful to avoid damage. Of course, as technology continues to update, the shortcomings of digital pressure sensors will gradually be compensated.
What is a digital pressure sensor
  • How to select and use a digital pressure sensor
Digital pressure sensors must be selected based on the measurement range. General pressure sensors have a certain adjustable measurement range. Set using range to 14 to 34 segments of the sensor range, so the accuracy is guaranteed. In practice, some applications need to migrate the measurement range of the sensor. Calculate the measurement range and migration amount based on the site installation location. Migration has the distinction of positive migration and negative migration.
The digital pressure sensor converts the measured signal of the pressure, liquid level and density of the liquid, gas or steam into a current signal of 4-20 mA DC for output. It can also communicate with the HART Communicator to set up and monitor. The measuring part of the digital pressure sensor is divided into two parts of space. If the two spaces are connected to different pressures, the pressure difference is measured. If in the two spaces, one is connected to the measured pressure and the other is connected to the atmosphere, the pressure is measured (gauge pressure). If in the two spaces, one is connected to the measured pressure and the other is completely vacuum sealed, the pressure is measured.
  • Precautions
  1. When the user receive the product, please check whether the package is in good condition and check whether the model and specifications of the digital pressure sensor match the product you purchased.
  2. Do not measure medium that is not compatible with the stainless steel of the pressure sensor.
  3. Ensure that the voltage of the power supply meets the power requirements of the probe. The positive and negative poles of the power supply correspond to the positive and negative wiring of the sensor. Ensure that the pressure of the pressure source is within the measurement range of the pressure sensor.
  4. During the pressure measurement process, slowly pressurize and relieve pressure to avoid instantaneous addition to high pressure or to low pressure.
  5. When disassembling the probe of the pressure sensor, make sure that the pressure source is disconnected from the device to prevent the medium from being sprayed out, otherwise an accident will occur.
  6. This digital pressure sensor is not explosion-proof, which will cause serious personal injury and material damage in explosive areas.
  7. The digital pressure sensor is a precision device. When using it, please do not disassemble it at will, and do not touch the diaphragm to avoid damage to the sensor.

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