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Select a Pressure Transducer for Special Application

The selection principles for the pressure transducer are different under different application conditions. This article will introduce how to select the pressure transducer in a corrosive, high temperature, high viscosity and easy to crystallize application environment.
  • Pressure transducer selection in corrosive application environment
Corrosive conditions include corrosive environmental conditions and corrosive application conditions. For example, if the pressure guiding tube is made of carbon steel or stainless steel, we can choose normal pressure transmitters and differential pressure transmitters. If carbon steel or stainless steel does not meet the requirements for the working conditions, use the diaphragm pressure transmitter. In the corrosive application environment, there are certain requirements for the material of the pressure transmitter. The key are the diaphragm and wetted materials, shell materials and flange materials, etc. The requirements of the pressure transducer material are different depending on the concentration and temperature of the medium.
  • Pressure transducer selection in high temperature application environment
In the high temperature application environment, the temperature of the measured medium is also relatively high. In this environment, the temperature during the measurement often exceeds the normal working range of the pressure transducer. Moreover, the temperature cannot be adjusted to the normal range by the pressure guiding tube or the isolation diaphragm. At this time, a high temperature pressure transducer or a remote pressure transducer can be used. The capillary is used to induce pressure, thereby avoiding the pressure transducer being affected by high temperature and damaging the performance of the electronic component.
Select a high temperature pressure transducer for high temperature application
  • Pressure transducer selection in easy to crystallize, high viscosity application environment
Diaphragm pressure transducer used in high viscosity applicationWhen the medium leaves the process equipment, it will easily crystallize. If crystallization occurs or the viscosity of the medium is too large, it will easily lead to blockage in the pressure guiding tube. In this case, it is necessary to solve the blockage problem by cleaning and unblocking, which not only brings a large workload, but also causes measurement results to be inaccurate. In this case, we should select the diaphragm pressure transducer. If the crystallization phenomenon is very serious, it is necessary to select a diaphragm pressure transducer.
Pressure transducer is the commonly used transducer in the industry. Pressure transmitters are widely used in pressure measurement for many industries such as water conservancy and hydropower, railway transportation, intelligent construction, petrochemical, and electric power.
Pressure transducers help users maintain control to the demanding industrial processes. Our products are high accuracy, rugged and long lasting. They perform reliable operation day-to-day even in harsh environments. Not only do we offer pressure transducers for all general industrial applications, but we also offer special models for refrigeration and air conditioning applications, the food processing industry, and the construction machinery industry.
The measurement accuracy of the pressure transducer is affected by the installation. In order for the pressure transducer to achieve good results in operation, users should reasonably install the transducer in the order of installation.
  1. After the installation is completed, the installation accuracy needs to be measured and analyzed. If any errors or deficiencies are found, actively adjust and intervene to provide more preparation for future operations.
  2. Proper planning for the installation position of the differential pressure transmitter. Clarify the purpose of the installation. Reasonably analyze the installation time to ensure that it does not affect the normal operation of other devices.
  3. During the installation of the pressure transducer, if there is a problem with the instrument, or if there is a sudden situation, users need to suspend the installation. Continue to install after the problem is solved

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