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Use and Selection for High Temperature Pressure Transducer

High temperature pressure transducers are widely used in industrial production. High temperature pressure sensors have different pressure ports and positive, negative pressure ends. The sensor measures the pressure of the measured medium and then outputs the standard current signal in a short time. The use of pressure sensors increases the efficiency of industrial production processes, and its stability increases with the use time.
  • Applications of the high temperature pressure transducer
Pressure transducers are widely used in many industrial and living areas. What is a high temperature pressure transducerPressure transducers measure the pressure of various medium to maintain pressure values in a stable, safe dimension. Once the pressure value exceeds the specified dimension, the system will issue a warning to remind the user making timely adjustments to avoid accidents. High temperature pressure transducers are characterized by simple structure, ruggedness, high stability, high accuracy and good linearity. These features make it a wide measurement range. High temperature pressure transducers are widely used in various industrial automation environments. The industries involved include water conservancy and hydropower, railway transportation, intelligent buildings, production automation, aerospace, military, petrochemical, oil wells, electric power, ships, machine tools, pipelines, etc.
  • How high temperature pressure sensors work
During the pressure measurement for the measured medium by the high temperature pressure transducer, the pressure is passed into the high pressure chamber and the low pressure chamber. The pressure in the low pressure chamber is atmospheric pressure or vacuum, acting on the isolating diaphragm on both sides of the sensitive components. The pressure is transmitted to the both sides of the measuring diaphragm through the isolation piece and the filling liquid in the component. The measuring diaphragm on the pressure transducer and the electrodes on the insulating sheets on both sides form a capacitor. When the pressure on both sides is inconsistent, the measuring diaphragm will be displaced. The displacement is proportional to the pressure difference, so the capacitance on both sides are not equal. Through the oscillation and demodulation, the pressure signal is converted into a electric signal proportional to the pressure, thereby achieving the effect of transmission.
  • How to select a high temperature pressure sensor
In general, all high temperature pressure transducers selection should considering the measuring range, pressure medium, accuracy level, temperature range, signal output, excitation voltage, interchangeability, explosion protection, and protection degree. The most basic of these are the measuring range, pressure medium and accuracy level. Before selecting the range of the pressure transducer, confirm the maximum value of the measured pressure. It is often necessary to select a pressure transducer with a range that is approximately 1.5 times larger than the maximum measured pressure. Therefore, when selecting a high temperature pressure transducer, the pressure range, accuracy and stability should be fully considered.
What is also considered in the selection for high temperature pressure transducers is the measured medium. Viscous liquid, mud will block the pressure port. Solvents or corrosive materials will damage materials in the transducer that are in direct contact with these medium. If the medium is corrosive, then choose a pressure transducer with isolation diaphragm. It not only can complete the pressure measurement, but also effectively prevent the medium from directly contacting the wetted part of the pressure transducer, thereby protecting and prolonging the service life.
The high temperature pressure transducer has the advantages of high reliability, stable performance, convenient installation, small size, light weight, high performance and price ratio, etc. It is suitable for measuring the pressure, level and density of liquids, gases or steam and then converting the pressure signal into a 4-20 mA DC signal output.
Factors that affect the accuracy level of the high temperature pressure transducer are: nonlinearity, hysteresis, non-repetition, temperature, zero drift, temperature, and so on. The most important factors are nonlinearity, hysteresis and non-repetition. The higher the accuracy, the higher the price. Pressure transducers are used in a wide range, so the selection must be combined with the actual use of the transducer. In this way, the pressure transducer can work better with other instruments to play a greater role in production and life.
  • Which type of high temperature pressure transducer model is worth selecting

The high temperature pressure transducer have a variety of excellent performance. It has a certain anti-corrosion ability and is not affected by the foaming, volume, etc. of the measured medium. It can measure water, oil, gas and a combination compatible with 316 stainless steel or 304 stainless steel.
Quantity of cooling fins in high temperature pressure sensor can be selected High temperature pressure transducer has cooling fins
Secondly, the high temperature pressure transducer is small in size and light in weight, so it is very convenient in actual installation. The housing of the high temperature pressure transducer is stainless steel, which is well sealed and waterproof. The quantity of cooling fins for high temperature pressure sensors can be selected based on the medium temperature. For example, 3 pieces cooling fins are for 0-180℃/32~356℉, 5 pieces cooling fins are for 0-250℃/32~482℉, 7 pieces cooling fins are for 0-300℃/32~572℉. When the high temperature pressure transducers are used in industrial applications, some measured medium are special, such as mud, thin liquids, semi-dry mixers, tar and so on. In addition, there are complex measured medium such as strong acid and alkalis.

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